Oleo Boutique CancĂșn

Reyes was our number one man, ensuring we had drinks and great our entire holiday! Victor did an excellent job making sure that people were comfortable too! We had a fantastic night in Hakka restaurant at which Marcelino was a wonderful waiter. The food was wonderful!

This location is fantastic; it’s just like paradise on the ground. Stunning pool and gorgeous beach, food beverage and support are top-notches. Indeed no complaints I certainly want to return. Everybody is super friendly and useful with their cozumel coral reef restoration program suggestions.

The place it’s high there’s bus moving up and down the main road at night clubs and souvenir stores, so it’s super easy to maneuver around. Cynthia Tello was terrific. She answered all of my questions she introduced me everything at the hotel once we came with my spouse, so I understood all of the restaurants and activities about.

And also we had the chance to see for free for just one day among the new hotels named Atelier that was something on the various degrees it had been completely WOW experience.

This was my fourth largest remaining in this resort as well as me coming back to the place states what I consider the hotel.

Too many great things to list so I am just going to give five stars. This season I moved along with my wife, her husband, and her husband. All of us agreed to return next year. Fantastic staff always prepared to assist with smiles (and I am not talking about fake grin).

There was still another waiter in the shore who did precisely the same; sadly I forgot his name. Overall this resort is an enormous place, and I frankly do not have a criticism.

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