Convenient location and helpful staff

We spent 4 nights here after 10 at a resort in Disneyland (viz: Varadero). The stairs look iffy to North American eyes but compared to all of the other cases I’ve stayed in Cuba are in excellent condition (99% intact with a solid handrail!).

Maybe it has excellent English and is very knowledgeable. Good breakfast and close to the major sites and excellent restaurants. There is always a staff member there who give cozumel mini submarine tips, most with limited English but all helpful and friendly.

From the airport, the casa is very easy to reach in half an hour ride. We got a room in the private veranda, and it was indeed hushed and well equipped with air conditioning.

The casa’s position is strategic, and the first night we had dinner in the restaurant just in front of the casa – Teniente Rey 360 – where I got a really really good Ropa Vieja (probably the best of my trip to Cuba). The day after we met the owner, Lourdes, who gave us a lot of great hints on where to eat, what to visit, and so on.

The whole staff of the casa is hot and welcoming. One of the ladies, Regla, puts excellent care and will cook for you a really fantastic breakfast. The breakfast, as in other places in Cuba, cost 5CUC and was absolutely the best we have had during our trip. Try Reglas torrejas because you will not regret it!

Also, the casa has got wifi connection which means that if you buy the Nauta card, you can use the card (even only one for more people) in the casa without needing to go to full internet areas.

We had the pleasure of staying in Casa Lourdes Havana 1913. The owners took such good care of us. Perfectly appointed. Delicious breakfast. Centrally located. You can’t go wrong. Owners went above and beyond to make sure we had everything we needed. Really dear, sweet, caring people.

The people in the house were all fantastic! The lady spoke really good English and answered all our questions in detail. Also, everything was spotless and tidy. But what was also great was the casa’s location! Thank you for everything!

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