chickenwired - new and different, so get some before the rest do.


Eryc - great site dedicated to UK skateboard community


Phiber Creative - Print and Web Design - Designers of

Insane Riders

Insane Riders - Dedicated to UK skateboarding and BMX

Knowhere guide

The knowhere guide - the uk's biggest skate board - info and opinions on just about everywhere in the uk, by the people who live there

Middle Age Shred

Middle Age Shred - site for the elderly generation of skaters (Which includes me!)

sk8m8 - sk8m8 combines the most extensive list of UK skateparks with the worlds most advanced skatepark search engine.


SPAUK - Skate Park Association UK


Bitch skateboards - you gotta have a bitch

Stumpy clothing

Stumpy clothing - you need some of this


Decimal store - shopping in the west.

Skate Cardiff

Skate Cardiff - Skateboarding and aggressive inline skating website for the skaters in Cardiff.

Urban Ramps

Urban Ramps - Ramp and park suppliers.


Skatewarehouse - For all your shopping addictions.